Thinking of Selling?

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Selling doesn't have to be an exhausting experience!

These are some key questions you need to consider before selling:

  • Why are you selling?
  • Is now the best time to sell? (I can help you with this one!)
  • How quickly do you need to sell?

Before you're ready to sell, let me perform a free market evaluation and discuss the sale with you. A market evaluation will help you understand the current market conditions, the potential profit you can realize and the best way to approach the sale.

Take time to prepare

It's almost time for the For Sale sign to go up! Make sure your house looks its best when the first prospective purchasers walk through the door.

A clean, uncluttered home appears bigger and more inviting; so begin by packing away bulky or unused furniture and making optimal use of your space. Be ruthless when you go through closets, spare rooms and cupboards!

If you haven't used that bread-making machine for a while, and if you're not likely to need that extra set of china or cutlery in the next few weeks, pack it away.

Those knick-knacks on the mantelpiece may have sentimental value, but they'll just look like clutter to the people who come through your home. Take a deep breath and move them out of sight. You can do it!

Make a head start on packing by cleaning off bookshelves, clearing clothes, shoes, extra towels and bedding out of closets. Don't forget to put away the kids' toys, out-of-season sports equipment and garden tools!

Take a thoughtful tour of your home and make a note of all those easy-to-miss spots that need a good cleaning. Wash down walls, windows and woodwork. Scrub sinks, toilets, bathtubs and kitchen appliances until they shine. Clean out the cupboards under the sink, dust the tops of baseboards and wash all window coverings.

The more thorough the initial clean up, the easier it will be to keep your home looking its best for visits from realtors and prospective buyers.

Now is the time to fix the cracked light switch-plates, broken door handles, leaky faucets and squeaky doors you've learned to live with for years.

A grubby hallway will always benefit from a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour - this isn't the time to start experimenting with dramatic paint schemes!

Similarly, heavily patterned wallpaper or brightly coloured accent walls tend to distract buyers from other features, and may make it difficult for them to imagine how their belongings would look in the room. If you can, repaint or paper the walls in a subtle colour.

It's often worth replacing carpet or floor coverings that are in rough shape. If the state of your kitchen floor is hurting the whole room, for example, inexpensive stick and peel tiles can make a dramatic difference.

Ask yourself if improvements like these will make your home more saleable, and if they justify the cost. (They often do!)

I can help you decide which improvements will be most appealing to buyers. A major investment--adding a garage or deck, for example, may not be recovered through a higher selling price, while something as simple as replacing torn screens or filling cracks in walls and ceilings can contribute considerably to your home's perceived value.

Once a property is listed on TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board), it can sell within days, sometimes even hours. Ideally, you will receive multiple firm (no conditions) offers and create a bidding war, driving the price up. You can choose to accept or reject any offer and I will help you negotiate the best deal and work through the conditions.

When the closing day approaches, you will have to move your stuff out and give the keys to you lawyer. That's it! 

Let me worry about all the little details so you don't have to!

If you have any questions,
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When you list with me, you'll receive these guarantees:

  • Your home will be advertised 24/7 until its sold
  • Your home will be advertised in over 16 websites
  • Your home will receive a FREE virtual tour with 360 degree panoramic views!
  • Your home will be listed in multiple magazines/newspapers in full colour print ads until sold
  • Your home will have a dedicated vanity URL with your property address